Who assassinated nicephorus Phocas?

Who assassinated nicephorus Phocas?

Both contemporary sources and later historians seem to either believe that the young Emperor had exhausted his health with the excesses of his sexual life and his heavy drinking, or suspect that the Empress Theophano (c. 941–after 976), his wife, poisoned him.

Was nikephoros Arab?

Sources outside the Byzantine context, including Michael the Syrian, al-Tabari, and Mas’udi, preserve the tradition that Nikephoros was of Ghassanid Arab origin.

What does nikephoros mean?

Bringer of Victory
Nicephorus, Nikephoros, or Nikiforos (Greek: Νικηφόρος) is a Greek male name, meaning “Bringer of Victory”, which was commonly used among the Byzantine Empire’s aristocracy.

Where did nicephorus Phocas live?

Nicephorus II Phocas, (born 912, Cappadocia—died Dec. 10/11, 969, Constantinople), Byzantine emperor (963–969), whose military achievements against the Muslim Arabs contributed to the resurgence of Byzantine power in the 10th century.

Who was Phocas?

Phocas, (born 547—died October 5, 610), centurion of modest origin, probably from Thrace, who became the late Roman, or Byzantine, emperor in 602. Following an army rebellion against the emperor Maurice in 602, Phocas was sent to Constantinople as spokesman.

Who is nicephorus?

Nicephorus I, (born, Seleucia—died July 26, 811, Bulgaria), Byzantine emperor from 802 who late in his reign alienated his subjects with his extremely heavy taxation and frequent confiscations of property.

How was Phocas killed?

Phocas(602-610) Phocas replied, “And will you rule better?” Enraged, Heraclios killed and beheaded Phocas on the spot. Phocas’ body was mutilated, paraded through the capital, and burned.

Was Phocas a good emperor?

Phocas is generally depicted as a villain by Byzantines and modern historians alike, but some of the earliest sources available about Phocas’ reign were written during the reign of Heraclius.

How do you say nicephorus?

Phonetic spelling of Nicephorus

  1. Ni-cepho-rus.
  2. nicepho-rus. Michele Schmitt.
  3. Ni-ce-phorus. Anita Schoen.