Who did John Hamilton Gray marry PEI?

Who did John Hamilton Gray marry PEI?

Gray met his wife, Elizabeth (Eliza) Ormond, through his military connections. He was a friend of Eliza’s father, Lieutenant Colonel Harry Smith Ormond, who commanded the 30th Foot in New Brunswick. Gray visited him in Dublin and married Eliza there in 1845.

Did John Hamilton Gray PEI have children?

In 1876, after six daughters, Gray finally had a son, Arthur, with his third wife Sarah Caroline Cambridge. He had another son, Hamilton Edward Jarvis Gray, in 1880 when he was 69, but the boy did not survive to adulthood.

Why was John Hamilton Gray a Father of Confederation?

Gray was chairman of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference, which laid the groundwork for the British North America Act of 1867. He supported the entry of the Island into Confederation but when the Island rejected the scheme he left politics, turning the government over to James Colledge Pope.

What is John Hamilton Gray Pei cultural heritage?

he is from british Columbia, and his father is from Virginia.

How many wives did John Hamilton Gray have?

three times
Gray was married three times, with five daughters from his second marriage and one son from his third marriage.

Who is Thomas Heath Haviland?

Thomas Heath Haviland was the sixteenth Lieutenant Governor of Prince Edward Island since the creation of the Colony in 1763. Thomas Heath Haviland was born in Charlottetown on 13 November 1822 and educated at Brussels in the Kingdom of Belgium.

What school did Oliver Mowat go to?

Sir Oliver Mowat Collegiate Institute
5400 Lawrence Avenue East Rouge Hill, Toronto , Ontario , M1C 2C6 Canada
Coordinates 43°46′45″N 79°08′31″W
School type Public high school

What is the meaning of cultural heritage?

Cultural Heritage is an expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions, and values.

How many kids did Thomas Heath Haviland have?

Thomas Heath Haviland

The Honourable Thomas Heath Haviland
Children Edith Constance Alice, Eustace Heath, Frances Rebecca (died at nine weeks), Robert Arthur, Madeline Elizabeth, Eleanor Blanche, and Mary Emily Dundas (died at four months)
Occupation Notary, lawyer, and landowner
Profession Politician

What careers did Thomas Heath Haviland have before politics?

became one of the Island’s wealthiest landowners and held numerous offices during his 50-year career, including assistant judge of the colony’s Supreme Court (despite having no legal training), colonial treasurer, colonial secretary, registrar, clerk of the Executive and Legislative Councils, and mayor of Charlottetown …

Who is Oliver Mowat married to?

Oliver Mowat

The Honourable Sir Oliver Mowat GCMG PC QC
Resting place Mount Pleasant Cemetery, Toronto
Political party Ontario Liberal Party
Spouse(s) Jane Ewart