Who is the best journalist in Sri Lanka?

Who is the best journalist in Sri Lanka?

Mervyn de Silva Award for Journalist of the Year

Year Winner Newspaper
2015 K. Sanjeewa Ravaya
2016 K. Sanjeewa Ravaya
2017 K. Sanjeewa Ravaya
2018 R. Ramkumar Virakesari

Who owns the morning newspaper in Sri Lanka?

The Morning Leader

Type Newspaper
Owner(s) Leader Publications (Pvt) Ltd
Language English
Headquarters No. 24 Katukurunduwatte Road, Ratmalana, Sri Lanka
Website The Morning Leader

How many newspapers are there in Sri Lanka?

Basic Data

Official Country Name: Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka
Literacy rate: 90.2%
Area: 65,610 sq km
GDP: 16,305 (US$ millions)
Number of Daily Newspapers: 12

Who owns media in Sri Lanka?

The government owns two major TV stations, radio networks operated by the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), and newspaper titles in Sinhala, Tamil, and English.

How can I become a journalist in Sri Lanka?

Browse Journalism Courses in Sri Lanka

  1. Master of Jounalism and Communication. 1 Year 6 Months.
  2. Certificate Course in Camerawork in TV. This course is to provide basic knowledge and working experience.
  3. Diploma in Journalism.
  4. Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Broadcasting and Journalism.

What is the Sunday morning?

CBS News Sunday Morning (normally shortened to Sunday Morning on the program itself since 2009) is an American news magazine television program that has aired on CBS since January 28, 1979.

What is the first newspaper registered in Sri Lanka?

The Times of Ceylon was an English language daily newspaper in Sri Lanka published by Times of Ceylon Limited (TOCL). It was founded in 1846 as the Ceylon Times and was published from Colombo….The Times of Ceylon.

Type Daily newspaper
OCLC number 1781454
Media of Sri Lanka List of newspapers

What is the first Tamil newspaper in Sri Lanka?

The first Tamil newspaper, Udaya Tharakai, was published in 1841. Soon after this, several newspapers started to come out in Tamil such as Ilankai Nesan (1848) , Paaliyar Nesan (1859), Hindu Organ (1876) and Sathiyavetha Paathukaavalan (1876).

What is the first newspaper in Sri Lanka?

How can I join media in Sri Lanka?

All Media are free to visit Sri Lanka for Journalist Purposes and may obtain Journalist Visa upon application from the closest Sri Lanka Embassy/High Commission/Consulate prior to their arrival in Colombo. No prior approval of Visa is required.