Who is the Dean of College of Arts and Letters?

Who is the Dean of College of Arts and Letters?

As dean of the College of Arts and Letters at the University of Notre Dame, Sarah Mustillo is responsible for the overall vision and strategy of the College. She oversees both the academic core and the support structure of the College.

Who is the dean of UST?

Prof. Rey Donne S. Papa, PhD, Dean We hope that through this page, all our students, academic and support staff and alumni will have all the information they need in order to transact seamlessly with the office staff of the college regarding various concerns.

How do I contact the Dean UST office?


  2. Room 307, 3F College of Nursing.
  3. St. Martin de Porres Building.
  4. University of Santo Tomas,
  5. España Boulevard, Manila, Philippines 1015.
  6. Tel Nos. ( +632) 4061611 loc. 8362.
  7. Telefax (+632) 7315738.
  8. E-mail [email protected].

Who is the rector of UST SHS?

Ang, O.P., is UST’s 97th Rector.

How many colleges are in UP Diliman?

26 colleges
U.P. Diliman is composed of 26 colleges, schools, and institutes. Officially, these are called degree-granting units. The oldest of these colleges is the College of Fine Arts, established in 1908 and originally located in Manila.

What is Bachelor of Arts in Philippine Studies?

BA in Philippine Arts focuses on the study of Philippine art within the context of national culture and history, with special attention to its contribution to the definition and formation of a national identity and the role it plays in social transformation.

What is the work of Dean in college?

The Dean is responsible for overseeing the functioning of the Faculty, mentoring and supporting faculty members, and attracting suitable persons to teach at the Faculty. The Dean is expected to lead the process of curriculum and pedagogy review at the Faculty.

What is the function of a dean?

Deans are responsible for recruitment, appointment and retention of academic administrators, faculty and staff for their college or school. Deans create hiring plans for their college or school and participate in the recruiting and hiring process for faculty and staff.

Where can I contact UST?

Enrollees can call the Student Accounts Section (SAS) at 8786-1611 local 8288, 8468, 8466, 8467 for inquiries.

Does UP Diliman have senior high?

DOES UP MANILA OFFER A SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION? No, but UP Diliman does. It’s called the University of the Philippines Integrated School that only accepts Grade 10 students to enter the program.

Who is the owner of UP Diliman?

University of the Philippines

Unibersidad ng Pilipinas Pamantasan ng Pilipinas
Chairman J. Prospero E. De Vera III
President Danilo L. Concepcion
Academic staff 3,878 (2019)
Administrative staff 4,189 (2019)

What is Faculty of Arts and Letters at UST?

Faculty of Arts and Letters (1896) The Faculty of Arts and Letters, which used to be the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, is UST’s most diverse tertiary academic unit, offering thirteen (13) bachelor’s degree programs, housed in nine (9) departments.

What is the role of UST Faculty?

Apart from delivering quality education in the University, UST faculty members are also appointed/elected to government bodies and professional and academic societies/organizations. By being part of these groups, they can influence policy direction, promote advocacies, and implement programs and projects to achieve the organization’s goals.

What is the Department of Philosophy at UST?

The Department of Philosophy oversees the administration of the civil Philosophy programs of UST, separate, but an offshoot, from the University’s ecclesiastical Faculty of Philosophy, which administers the ecclesiastical degrees.

How many departments are there in Faculty of Arts and letters?

He was beatified by Pope Leo XIII in 1886 and canonized in 1935 by Pope Pius XI. The Faculty of Arts and Letters is UST’s most diverse tertiary academic unit, offering thirteen (13) bachelor’s degree programs, housed in nine (9) departments.