Who is the Latino singer in Marry Me?

Who is the Latino singer in Marry Me?

Reggaeton singing superstar Maluma can now add acting to his list of accomplishments. That’s right! The Colombian heartthrob is crossing over into film as he makes his big acting debut in the much-awaited romantic comedy ‘Marry Me,’ starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson out Valentine’s Day weekend.

Is the guy in Marry Me a real singer?

Jennifer Lopez said hiring a Latin artist to play her boyfriend in “Marry Me” was a top priority. The singer, who plays fictional pop superstar Kat Valdez in the film, said no to some of the biggest acts in music when casting Bastian, a role that eventually went to Maluma.

Who is Maluma from Marry Me?

Juan Luis Londoño is one of Latin music’s top singers, known around the world as Maluma. His chart-topping songs have a smooth reggaetón sound.

Did Owen Wilson say wow in Marry Me?

You get some gawky looks, a few dry lines, and a few variations of him saying “wow.” But, for as conventional as his role is, Wilson is actually quite endearing and will make you chuckle on more than one occasion.

Who is the Puerto Rican singer in Marry Me?

Jennifer Lopez and Maluma star in the new romantic comedy ‘Marry Me,’ which is already in the top 10 at Canadian and U.S. box offices.

Did Maluma sing in Marry Me?

“Marry Me” is a song by American singer Jennifer Lopez and Colombian singer Maluma.

Who is Kat Valdez?

J. Lo plays Kat Valdez, an international pop-music star who has made her romantic life the center of her work. She’s engaged to marry Bastian (Maluma), another pop sensation; her new song, “Marry Me,” is the hit of the moment, and she’ll crown its success by marrying Bastian onstage during an upcoming New York concert.

Did JLO write music for Marry Me?

Writing and recording The process of creating the soundtrack was “really difficult” for Lopez due to the fact that she wasn’t making a “J. Lo album” and was instead “writing songs for the story”, noting that she was on tour during the writing and recording process.

Is Jennifer Lopez actually singing in Marry Me?

‘Marry Me’ director says a real-life moment of watching Jennifer Lopez sing led to a touching scene in the film. Kat Coiro told Insider watching Jennifer Lopez sing before making the movie inspired a scene. While Lopez sang, her Bluetooth dropped and she sang it a cappella.