Who is the real Charles Falco?

Who is the real Charles Falco?

Author Information. Charles Falco spent three years infiltrating the Vagos, becoming second-in-charge of the Victorville, California chapter, another two years infiltrating the Mongols and Outlaws and became Vice President of a Virginia chapter of the Outlaws.

Who took down the Vagos?

In the season 2 premiere, former undercover ATF confidential informant Charles Falco is now living off the grid in the U.S. Marshals witness protection program in 2008 as ‘Charlie Conners’ a year after taking down the Vagos.

Is Gangland Undercover Season 2 Based on true story?

Gangland Undercover S1-2 (Showmax) This series is based on the real-life Charles Falco’s memoir – though, of course, that’s not always been his name, as he was given a new identity when he’d finished his assignments.

Who plays the devil in Gangland Undercover?

Stephen Eric McIntyre
Stephen Eric McIntyre: The Devil, Kid Jump to: Photos (2)

Who is Billy McQueen?

Billy McQueen is an actor and art director, known for Autocraniotomous (2013).

Who is Charles Falco in the Vagos?

In the series premiere, Charles Falco, a private contractor infiltrator for the ATF risks his life undercover when he infiltrates the notorious Vagos Motorcycle Club, a one percenter motorcycle club at their headquarters in Southern California. As a “hang-around”, he gets to know the members during a bike run.

Why did Falco get arrested in the Vagos?

Falco was arrested after being caught up in a bar fight when Vagos gang members beat up some college students. Not wanting to blow his cover, he chose not to tell the arresting officers he was undercover.

What happened to Falco in the Godfather series?

Later, Falco is promoted to joint sergeant of arms, but he pays a heavy price when he loses his only friend, Kid in a drug deal gone south, and his girlfriend, Susana’s trust, as well as making an enemy in the end.

What happened to Charles Falco on’Gangland Undercover’?

Actor Damon Runyan as Charles Falco on the set of “Gangland Undercover” Season 2. Darren Goldstein/DSG Photo. On last Thursday’s season premiere of the A&E drama “Gangland Undercover,” ATF informant Charles Falco — played by actor Damon Runyan — was living in witness protection, working as a mechanic, and frustrated with his rootless life.