Who makes a 20 inch drag radial?

Who makes a 20 inch drag radial?

Nitto Tires
Last winter, Nitto Tires unveiled its NT555R 20-inch drag radial tires to its extensive line up, the first of its kind in the drag radial niche.

Are drag radials street legal?

To be approved for street use, a tire must meet specific standards like hydroplane resistance, tread depth, and sidewall stiffness. The bare minimum tread depth is 2/32nds for street use; most drag radials are in the 5/32nds range whereas a true street tire is 10/32nds.

Can you daily drive drag radials?

Street-legal, DOT-compliant drag radials walk the line between a tire you can drive every day and one that will provide top tier performance in the quarter mile on a prepared surface.

Are drag radials good for cornering?

Drag radials are able to “wrinkle” the sidewall,as shown in the image below, allowing them to get the straight line traction needed to launch from a dead stop. This would not help you driving aggressively around corners as your car will start to feel sloppy.

How long do Mickey Thompson ET Street SS last?

Owners of drag racing cars estimate that they get anywhere from 15,000-30,000 miles on their street drag radials. Street drag radials are constructed differently than typical tires.

What is the stickiest drag radial?

Nicky Thompson ET street R’s are without a doubt the stickiest drag radials you can buy. Full weight, 9 second grocery getter.

Can you do donuts with drag radials?

You don’t want to do donuts with drag radials. You do donuts with regular street tires…they are generally cheaper and they before better (IMO) for producing smokey donuts.

Are drag radials good in the rain?

What happens with drag radials is they typically have very little tread and will not disperse water effectively. The car could hydroplane unexpectedly even if you’re not being careless, and it’s just not worth the chance. If you still need them, try and avoid the rain.

Are drag slicks good for track?

On a car as modest as the i30 N, it’s a very impressive test and it shows that, even without a hardcore suspension setup, pure slicks are absolutely the best tire choice for ultimate grip at the track.