Who makes NAK seals?

Who makes NAK seals?

Nak Sealing Technologies Corporation
Nak Sealing Technologies Corporation manufactures and markets oil seals and other rubber products.

Where are NAK seals made?

NAK has manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China and Iran, and exports its seals to more than 50 countries of the world. NAK seals are being used in a wide range of industrial sectors including Automotive, Industrial, Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Construction and Mining Equipment.

What is V-ring for?

V-Rings Overview A V-Ring is a solid rubber seal used on shafts to prevent dirt, moisture, and other unwanted material from entering an oil seal, housing, or any other desired area while simultaneously keeping lubricants in.

What is a Vanki ring?

The south Indian wedding or engagement rings are popularly known as Vanki rings. In certain south Indian tradition, the Vanki ring is presented by the in-laws to the bride before the wedding as a protector against evil spirits.

What size is K in rings?


K 5 1/2 50 1/4
L 6 51 1/2
M 6 1/2 52 1/2
N 7 54

What is a cup seal?

U Cup seals, as their name implies, have a U-shaped profile, including an outside static sealing lip and an inside dynamic sealing lip. U-Cups, or U-Seals are used for both dynamic and static applications. The ā€œUā€ shape energizes the sealing lips as the application pressure increases.

How do you read an oil seal?

How to measure oil seals

  1. Metric Oil Seals.
  2. Imperial Oil Seals.
  3. (remember the first number is always the outside diameter)
  4. 137 62 25 = 5/8″ inside x 1.3/8″ outside x 1/4″ wide.
  5. 187 125 25 = 1.1/4″ inside x 1.7/8″ outside x 1/4″ wide.
  6. 150 250 37 = 1.1/2″ x inside 2.1/2″ x outside 3/8″ wide.

How do you wear a Vanki ring?

Vanki rings is worn around the finger by a new south Indian bride for elegance, and also because it is believed that the inverted-V- shaped ring has the power to protect it’s holder in her new journey and in warding off all negative energy.