Who owns Turnberry Isle?

Who owns Turnberry Isle?

Jeffrey Soffer now owns the Turnberry resort after split with his sister and business partner Jackie Soffer. The owners of two South Florida hotels closed on major refinancings of their properties, records show.

Who owns Turnberry Associates?

Jackie Soffer
The company has earned a reputation for excellence, creativity, and civic responsibility. Today, the company is led by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jackie Soffer. Villa Solé, with 187 residential units, is completed at SoLé Mia. Jackie Soffer becomes sole Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Turnberry.

Who owns Turnberry Golf Miami?

JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa

JW Marriott Turnberry Miami Resort & Spa
Owner Fontainebleau Development
Management JW Marriott Hotels
Technical details
Floor area 420 m2 (4,500 sq ft)

What does Jeffrey Soffer own?

Jeffrey owns the JW Marriott Turnberry Miami, Turnberry Isle Marina, Turnberry Ocean Club and The Big Easy Casino in Hallandale Beach (formerly known as Mardi Gras Casino).

Who built Turnberry?

Donald Soffer
Turnberry Associates is a company owned by Donald Soffer and his family that develops real estate in the United States. It has developed over $7 billion worth of properties.

How much is Jeff Soffer worth?

$1 billion
Soffer owns 72% of the hotel and a sizeable chunk of Aventura Mall, plus stakes in the family’s other hotel, office and residential properties in Florida; FORBES estimates his net worth at $1 billion.

Who owns Aventura Mall in Florida?

Turnberry Associates
Simon Property Group
Aventura Mall/Owners

How did Jeffrey Soffer make his money?

The elder Soffer made his first real estate fortune after developing Aventura. Aventura would eventually grow into one of the wealthiest private communities in Florida. Today, Turnberry associates has real estate projects in cities across the United States including Las Vegas, Orland and Arlington.

What is Jeff Soffer net worth?

Is Fontainebleau owned by Marriott?

The Fontainebleau Miami Beach is located on Collins Avenue and is owned by the Soffer family controlled Fontainebleau Resorts.