WHO SAID Me Tarzan you Jane?

WHO SAID Me Tarzan you Jane?

swimmer Johnny Weissmuller
The phrase came from actor and former Olympic swimmer Johnny Weissmuller (above, with Maureen O’Sullivan playing Jane in the 1936 film Tarzan Escapes), in a quip during an interview for Photoplay magazine in 1932. Weissmuller said: “I didn’t have to act in Tarzan, the Ape Man – just said, ‘Me Tarzan, you Jane.

Who is Jane based on in Tarzan?

Jane’s introduction was such a hit that it spurred Burroughs to write a bunch of tales about the pair’s life together in the jungle. Perhaps best of all, she inspired one real-life Jane, Jane Goodall, to live among the apes in Africa. “Silly man,” Goodall is reported as saying by the Jane Goodall Institute.

Do Tarzan and Jane have babies?

Also in the book, Tarzan and Jane have a son named Korak, also known as Jack Clayton or John ‘Jack’ Paul Clayton III. In Disney’s version of Tarzan, Korak doesn’t appear, and Tarzan and Jane have no children.

How many Tarzan’s were there and who were they?

Who Played Tarzan, and When

Actor Film or Television Show Year
Ron Ely Tarzan (TV) 1966-68
Miles O’Keefe Tarzan the Ape Man 1981
Christopher Lambert Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes 1984
Joe Lara Tarzan in Manhattan (TV movie) and Tarzan the Epic Adventures 1984 and 1996

What does Tarzan say?

The yell can best be described as a “Mmmmm-ann-gann-niii” sound that gradually rises ever higher in pitch.

What is the meaning of Tarzan?

Definition of Tarzan : a strong agile person of heroic proportions and bearing a chimpanzee can easily run away …

What did Tarzan call his son?

When the Tarzan comics returned to a more faithful portrayal of Burroughs’ characters in the early 1960s, Boy disappeared and Tarzan’s son was called Korak, who was later featured in his own comic book.