Who voiced David Mason in BO2?

Who voiced David Mason in BO2?

actor Rich McDonald
More Stories by John Gaudiosi. Overnight, actor Rich McDonald (Hart of Dixie) has become a voice that millions of gamers recognize. The actor plays Commander David Mason in Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops II, one of the central character’s in the game’s time-spanning adventure.

Why does Mason sound different in Cold War?

One of the possible explanations for this is the use of a different voice actor for Alex Mason in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. Much like with the actor replacement for Frank Woods, Alex Mason is no longer played by Sam Worthington, his original actor.

How old is David Mason in cod?

age 92
Woods shot Mason in the leg, Chloe did not survive Salazar’s betrayal and Section captured Menendez, then Mason himself will reappear at age 92 to Woods in the Vault.

Is Mason still alive?

In the other ending, Mason survives being shot. He is now 93 at this point, going to surprise Woods with a visit. It is also at this point Mason is reunited with his son, who he has not seen for about 40 years. While it is unknown what Mason was doing during this gap of time, it is nice to see him alive and well.

Is Alex Mason Real?

Alex Mason, the guy you play as in Black Ops, was the real assassin of John F. Kennedy.

Who Voices Michael Afton?

PJ Heywood
PJ Heywood is one of the voice actors in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. He is the voice of William Afton from the opening scene of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location and Michael Afton in the Golden Freddy Custom Night Ending.

Who is David Mason in Black Ops 2?

David Mason is the protagonist of Black ops 2 and is Alex Mason’s son. He leads a SpecWar group tasked with a kill/capture of Raul Menendez. [ ]

How old is David Mason now?

David Mason was born in 1979 to CIA Agent Alex Mason and his unidentified wife. Raised in his father’s hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska, David’s relationship with his father soured after the death of his mother.

Is David Mason Alex’s son?

— David Mason Lieutenant Commander David Mason(code-named Section) is the main playable character and the protagonist in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. He is the son of CIAAgent and USMCCaptain Alex Mason, a member of SEAL Team Six, and the Commander of all J-SOCStrike Force missions from the U.S.S. Barack Obama. Contents 1Biography 1.1Early life

What was David Mason’s job in the Navy?

During his tenure in the navy, David became friends with Mike Harper and Javier Salazar, who later became members of his team during the Second Cold War. When Menendez started his rise of power, Mason was given the rank of commander and received the code name “Section”.