Who voices Luke in the Walking Dead?

Who voices Luke in the Walking Dead?

Matthew Scott Porter, better known as Scott Porter is an American actor who portrayed Luke in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season Two.

Is there anyway to save Luke in walking dead?

No. He dies no matter what you choose to do. No. I wish….God, I miss Luke.

Do I help Luke or cover Luke?

[Help Luke] – You will help Luke however you will not be able to save him. [Cover Luke] – You will cover Luke and he will also be assisted by Bonnie. They will both fall to the water which will allow you to save Bonnie. If you want to do that you have to break the ice beneath Luke.

Who got Jane pregnant Walking Dead?

Clementine is devastated, confused as to why she’d kill herself; she soon finds a pregnancy test on the floor, the result confirming Jane was pregnant after having sex with Luke at the observation deck. Clem can either shoot Jane or leave her behind as a walker before leaving with AJ.

Is Arvo lying about his sister?

However, it is revealed that Arvo wasn’t lying and there was food after all. Arvo gains the sympathy of Mike, who disapproves of Kenny’s hostile nature. The two along with Bonnie (Determinant) decide to defect from the group and take their supplies.

Should I stay with Kenny or go with Luke?

If you support Kenny he will support you at the end… Well Luke cares for Clementine as she is his younger sister. With Kenny you can be sure he would kill and even die for her. I like and, more importantly, trust Luke more.

What happens if you don’t steal from Arvo?

It is up to Clementine whether or not to steal from Arvo: If Clementine chooses to take his medicine, Arvo will leave them with a chilling warning, saying that they will wish that they hadn’t done what they did. If Clementine didn’t steal from Arvo, he will thank her for not robbing him.

What happens to Kenny after Wellington?

After either being separated from or outliving all of his friends and family, Kenny seemingly gave up, finding himself the nearest shelter and hiding from the outside world. He was found in a restaurant by Sarita, who gave him another mission in life; protecting her.

Does Luke from the Walking Dead Know ASL?

Luke is one of eight characters who know ASL, the others being his fellow group members Magna, Yumiko Okumura, Kelly, and Connie, as well as Carol Peletier, Daryl Dixon, and Gabriel Stokes.

Is Luke in the Walking Dead 7 days to die?

Through Telltale’s involvement in 7 Days to Die, Luke is available as one of the ten Walking Dead character skins, along with Lee, Michonne, Christa, Pete, Kenny, Carley, Glenn, Lilly and Molly. Luke was originally going to survive to the end of Season Two and be the one to fight Kenny, before it was decided to have Jane fight Kenny instead.

Does Luke care about Rebecca in the Walking Dead?

Later on, Luke is shown to care deeply about Rebecca, as the baby is about to be due. However, when he was supposed to watch out for walkers, he had sex with Jane, thus slacking his task, which caused nearby walkers to become attracted to Rebecca’s screaming and start approaching them.

What did Luke find in the woods in the Walking Dead?

When Yumiko radios the group to inform they have found something, Luke catches up to the others in the woods where they have found an abandoned campsite full of corpses and a walker skin. Aaron declares one of the Whisperers has been here.