Why did Taylor leave Melrose Place?

Why did Taylor leave Melrose Place?

As the couple began drifting apart, Taylor told Peter that she was pregnant, though he left her after learning that this wasn’t true, and eventually reunited with Amanda. After Peter humiliated her at their wedding, she started scheming to win Kyle back.

Who played Amanda on Melrose Place?

Heather LocklearMelrose Place (Classic Series)
Monica SholarWest Bloomfield
Amanda Woodward/Played by

Who played Eve on Melrose Place?

Rena Sofer
Eve is portrayed by Rena Sofer. Although never credited as a main character, she appears in every episode from her first appearance in season 7 all the way to the finale. Eve is introduced as a high school friend of Amanda’s.

Who does Billy marry on Melrose Place?

Samantha Reilly
Once Billy came to realize what he was becoming, he returned to his regular self, visited Brooke’s grave, and said a final goodbye. Billy later fell in love with and eventually married Samantha Reilly.

Was Heather Locklear pregnant while filming Melrose Place?

Locklear, who gave birth to a daughter five weeks ago, shot many of the scenes now playing on this season’s “Melrose Place” while pregnant.

What happened to Kyle and Amanda on Melrose Place?

Kyle and Peter were able to put their differences aside and become friends. Kyle’s problems with drinking, however, ended up straining his marriage to Amanda, and the two later divorced, leading to her reunion with Peter.

Who was the redhead on Melrose Place?

Laura Diane Leighton
Laura Diane Leighton (born July 24, 1968) is an American actress. She played Sydney Andrews on the television series Melrose Place (1993–1997) and its continuation (2009–2010), and Ashley Marin on Freeform’s series Pretty Little Liars (2010–2017).

Do Alison and Jake end up together?

Alison miscarried Jake’s baby and learned that she couldn’t have children. Jake asked Alison to marry him again and told her that it didn’t matter if they couldn’t have their own children. Alison and Jake went on a honeymoon and eloped, getting married in a private wedding ceremony.

Was Jo really pregnant on Melrose Place?

According to attorney Goldberg, Tylo told the “Melrose Place” producers that she was pregnant in March 1996, when she was only a month along. It was her third child; the baby, Isabella, was born in November 1996.