Why do I want to be a primary teacher?

Why do I want to be a primary teacher?

The main reason is because I wanted to have a direct impact on the lives of children. When you’re educating children you’re imparting knowledge to create a better future for them. Anyone can teach, but to teach well and care for the people you’re teaching you’ve got to be really committed.

What makes a great primary school teacher?

So what makes someone a good primary school teacher? According to Ofsted (2015), outstanding teacher attributes include demonstrating deep subject knowledge and understanding, addressing misconceptions, managing behaviour effectively, setting challenging homework and having high expectations of their pupils.

What is a primary teacher?

Primary school teachers, also known as national school teachers, are involved in the social, intellectual, physical and moral development of pupils in their class. A teacher works with one single class for an entire academic year and is responsible for teaching a wide range of subjects on the National Curriculum.

How can I be a primary school teacher?

How do I Become a Primary School Teacher?

  1. Get a degree with Qualified Teacher Status. The most common routes into teaching start with university courses that lead to QTS.
  2. Take the teaching ‘fast track’: complete a PGCE course.
  3. Undertake an apprenticeship (the ‘Teach First’ route)
  4. Go your own way: train part-time.

What are the best qualities of a teacher?

So what makes a good teacher?

  • Good Teachers Are Strong Communicators.
  • Good Teachers Listen Well.
  • Good Teachers Focus on Collaboration.
  • Good Teachers Are Adaptable.
  • Good Teachers Are Engaging.
  • Good Teachers Show Empathy.
  • Good Teachers Have Patience.
  • Good Teachers Share Best Practices.

Can I be a nurse and a teacher?

A nurse educator is an RN who works to teach other nurses and medical professionals. Nurse educators also work in college and university nursing programs, teaching classes and running clinical educational experiences for students.

Is a primary teacher a good job?

It really is a full time job in every sense. Being a teacher also inevitably means that you’ll pay more for your own summer break as trips abroad are always more expensive during the school holidays. There are also lots of opportunities for career progression, job security is good and you get the chance to travel.