Why does my Dexcom keep saying sensor error?

Why does my Dexcom keep saying sensor error?

If you are experiencing a Sensor Error alert and are not getting Dexcom G6 readings, it means the sensor is temporarily unable to measure the glucose OR your components are not communicating. Tap the alert to get more information.

Why is my Dexcom not connecting?

If your transmitter is more than 90 days old and not working, you must use a new transmitter. If your transmitter is less than 90 days from activation, contact Global Technical Support for troubleshooting by requesting a call back or by calling 1-844-607-8398.

Will Dexcom replace a faulty sensor?

If you are receiving a Sensor Failed Alert on your Dexcom G6 and your inserted sensor will no longer give CGM values, please remove the failed sensor. Insert a new sensor and contact Tech Support (available 24/7) at dexcom.com/tech-support or call 1-844-607-8398.

How often do Dexcom sensors fail?

As mentioned in previous report, the quality and reliability of g6 sensors has been noticeably poorer in later 2019 than it has been in the past. In any 90 day period, we estimate that we are now experiencing a sensor failure rate of between 25% and 33%.

Why isn’t my Dexcom connecting to my phone?

Keep your phone charged. If your phone goes into low power mode, that will turn off Bluetooth and cause connection issues with the Dexcom G6 app and transmitter. Your phone settings can prevent the Dexcom G6 app from working. Visit this FAQ to learn more about the settings that will allow your app to work as expected.

Why is my Dexcom not connecting to my Iphone?

To resolve this issue, you will need to close your Dexcom App and open your iOS settings > Dexcom and enable ‘Bluetooth Sharing’. It is recommended to reopen the Dexcom App to ensure Bluetooth connection is established.

What are different types of errors present in sensors?

In general, all sensors exhibit at least two forms of null bias error: initial null bias error and null bias error due to temperature.

How do you know when a Dexcom transmitter is not good?

Starting at 3 weeks before the end of its battery life, the warnings count down the transmitter battery life until it has only 10 days – one sensor session – left. If the transmitter battery has less than 10 days remaining, you won’t be able to start a new session and will see “Pair New Transmitter” instead.

Are the Dexcom G4 transmitter problems widespread?

Reaching out to Dexcom for an official response, the company’s executive VP of strategy and corporate development Steve Pacelli points out that it’s been 18 months since the G4 hit the market, and these reports of Transmitter problems aren’t widespread, but effect only small number of isolated examples.

How do I contact Dexcom G6 technical support?

Contact Technical Support (available 24/7) by submitting a request below or call 1-844-607-8398. For more information on sensor errors, read the Dexcom G6 User Guide.

Why is my Dexcom not sending notifications?

Sometimes it may stop sending notifications or refuse to connect even when there is nothing wrong with Dexcom. And the most common fix to such an issue is the most common one, “Have you tried turning it off and on?” You can either try restarting the app on its own, or you can also reboot the smartphone as it is.

Why does my Dexcom G6 throw a false alarm?

The Dexcom G6 can automatically alert you in case that glucose levels fall at an unacceptably low level. However, there are plenty of reasons why it can also throw a false alarm.