Why does Scrooge not like the poor?

Why does Scrooge not like the poor?

Dickens presents Scrooge’s character in this extract as stubborn, selfish and rude. Scrooge is also shown to be self-centred. He believes that the poor do not need or deserve to be helped by being given comfort and food. He believes that he already pays enough taxes for the “workhouses” where he they should go.

What is the name of Scrooge’s sister?


What makes a good ghost story?

Ghosts don’t just appear – they appear for a reason. That reason may be sad, malevolent, yearning, romantic, vengeful – whatever it is, making sure their story is well conveyed will add a vital layer to your ghost story and draw the reader into the world you have created.

How can you tell a scary story?

Tips for telling a truly scary story: Make it real, build suspense

  1. Get a story.
  2. Make it real.
  3. Use suspense, not gore.
  4. Don’t just tell it; act it out.
  5. Rehearse.
  6. Start with a warning.
  7. Use sound effects.
  8. Set the atmosphere.

What does Fezziwig do?

Despite this, the older Scrooge seems to be the very antithesis of Mr. Fezziwig in appearance, actions, and characterization. Mr. Fezziwig is portrayed as a jovial, foppish man with a large Welsh Wig….

Mr. Fezziwig
Occupation Money lender
Family The Fezziwigs
Nationality English

Why does the ghost of Christmas past have a light?

Scrooge observed that its light was burning high and bright; and dimly connecting that with its influence over him, he seized the extinguisher-cap, and by a sudden action pressed it down upon its head.” (Dickens) The light representing the memories and reminders of Scrooge’s past that he wishes to escape or make go …

What genre is a ghost story?


Why is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come important?

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come allows Scrooge to foresee the possible future consequences his past and present lack of feeling, giving him the opportunity to make his self anew, to ‘live in the Past, the Present, and the Future’, and to extend sympathy and charity towards Fred, the Cratchits and, crucially, the …

What is the purpose of a ghost story?

While ghost stories are often explicitly meant to be scary, they have been written to serve all sorts of purposes, from comedy to morality tales. Ghosts often appear in the narrative as sentinels or prophets of things to come.

How long is a ghost story?

1h 32m

How is the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come presented?

The final Ghost is frightening and eerie. Next the Ghost takes him to the Cratchit household where Scrooge is upset to realise that Tiny Tim has died. Finally the Ghost shows him a tombstone engraved with the name: Ebenezer Scrooge.

Why do we like ghost stories?

For the most part, the reason is because this is the sort of fear we can be in control of. We know that what we are reading isn’t real; that unlike many of the things in our world which frighten us, this is a fear we have a choice over – we can read it or not read it. We can watch the horror movie or switch it off.

What is a ghost story in literature?

Ghost story, a tale about ghosts. More generally, the phrase may refer to a tale based on imagination rather than fact. Ghost stories exist in all kinds of literature, from folktales to religious works to modern horror stories, and in most cultures.

Where did humbug come from?

One theory is that the word started out as Hamburg at a time when England was being flooded with counterfeit coins from that German city. Then there’s a theory that humbug comes from two words – hum(ph), the Norse word for night, and bogey, meaning apparition.

What does Scrooge see Christmas as?

As promised by Marley’s ghost, Scrooge is visited as the bell tolls one o’clock by the first of three spirits: the Ghost of Christmas Past. The apparition is ‘a strange figure’ seeming to be both an old man and child.

Who was the first ghost in Scrooge?

Ghost of Christmas Past

What can light symbolize?

Light is the symbol of joy and of life-giving power, as darkness is of death and destruction. In our physical world we see things through the medium of light. In the symbolic world, we see not with light but with wisdom. Therefore, light is often associated with enlightenment.

Why does the first ghost visit Scrooge?

Jacob Marley is the first spirit to visit Scrooge and warn him of his impending visits from the spirits of Past, Present and Yet-to-Come. He warns Scrooge not only of what is to come but what Scrooge could become if he continues on his current path.

How do you write a ghost story?

Horror is a genre within creative writing that relies on one thing: instilling a sense of fear in the reader….7 Tips for Scaring Your Readers

  1. Use the environment.
  2. Use your own fears.
  3. Write longer sentences.
  4. Make your readers breathe faster.
  5. Leverage fear of the unknown.
  6. Avoid clichés.
  7. Practice.

What did each ghost teach Scrooge?

The Ghost of Christmas Present uses Scrooge’s own words against him. In his honest response, that Tiny Tim is likely to die, he holds a mirror up to Scrooge and his behaviour. The Ghost predicts that Mankind, Scrooge included, will suffer unless the lessons of generosity and tolerance are learned.

What does Scrooge see in the past?

He sees his old school, his childhood mates, and familiar landmarks of his youth. Touched by these memories, Scrooge begins to sob.

What is the Ghost of Christmas Past personality like?

The ghost is surreal and strange. It flickers like a candle and seems to reflect the fact that Scrooge’s past behaviour can be redeemed. The ghost is not solid and is also calm and gentle in the way it communicates with Scrooge. The Spirit gazed upon him mildly.

Which ghost does not talk to Scrooge at all?

The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

What are the three ghosts that visit Scrooge?

A Christmas Carol recounts the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an elderly miser who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the spirits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come.