Why is Grammarly not free?

Why is Grammarly not free?

Grammarly is a free app with a paid-for premium option. The basic function offered by Grammarly — identifying most spelling and grammar errors — is no charge. But if you want the more robust version you need to pay $29.95/month. That cost sounds small, but like cell phone and cable bills, it adds up quickly.

Which is better WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly?

Grammarly is the better all-around tool. If you want to save a bit of money and don’t mind a tool that’s a little clunkier than Grammarly, then WhiteSmoke is a decent option for you. WhiteSmoke is also the best option if you need a translation tool, as this is something Grammarly doesn’t offer.

Is WhiteSmoke safe?

Answer: No, WhiteSmoke is not better than Grammarly. If you want to check plagiarism on the writing you have done, you can’t do that. So, Whitesmoke might be better if you just want to proofread your documents or if you want to translate them, considering that Grammarly does work in only one language.