Why is UWC right for you?

Why is UWC right for you?

UWC isn’t just a family of schools. We are a movement providing an educational experience that nurtures those who want to work towards global peace and sustainability. Our students are passionate about having a positive impact on the world and addressing issues that matter to them and to their communities.

What does application without status mean at Tut?

TUT-Inspired (Tshwane University of Technology) Dear Prospective Students! Please be advised that the admission statuses “Application in process” and “Application without status” simply mean that your application is still under consideration.

What is UWC known for?

​​The University of the Western Cape is well-known for its struggle against apartheid and its continued fight against oppression, discrimination and disadvantage in modern day South Africa.

Who owns UWC?

Kurt Hahn

How do I pay my tut fees?

  1. Direct payments at banks.
  2. Bank details:
  3. ABSA Bank (main account – exclusively for application fee):
  4. ABSA Bank (student account):
  5. Standard Bank:
  6. Payments at post offices.
  7. SA post office details:
  8. Payment by employers or by means of bursaries or NSFAS grants.

Does Nsfas fund PGCE at UJ?

NSFAS does offer funding to postgraduate students, but only for selected courses. If the postgrad qualification is a professional requirement for employment, then it will be funded.

Which courses are still available at Tut?


  • Arts and Design. Design Studies.
  • Economics and Finance. Accounting.
  • Engineering and the Built Environment. Architecture and Industrial Design.
  • Humanities. Applied Languages.
  • Information and Communication Technology. Computer Science.
  • Management Sciences.
  • Science.
  • Students’ Rules and Regulations.

How do I know if am accepted at Tut?

To check your application status and acceptance letter please go to the TUT Website www.tut.ac.za and click on ‘Check your admission status’ under Quick Links on right of the screen. You can either use your ID number or your surname, names and date of birth.

What does money omitted mean at Tut?

have not paid