Why was the 2011 NBA season shortened?

Why was the 2011 NBA season shortened?

With the new deal in place, the regular season was shortened from the normal 82 games per team to 66, because of nearly two months of inactivity. This was the league’s first season since 1991–92 without Shaquille O’Neal, who announced his retirement on June 1, 2011 via social media.

How long was the NBA lockout 2011?

five months
The 2011 NBA lockout, which lasted for five months and forced the 2011–12 season to be shortened to 66 regular season games per team.

What happened in 1998 in the NBA?

The 1998–99 NBA lockout was the third lockout of four in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA). It lasted from July 1, 1998, to January 20, 1999, and forced the 1998–99 regular season to be shortened to 50 games per team and that season’s All-Star Game to be canceled.

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