Are Filson pants worth it?

Are Filson pants worth it?

Filson pants hold up well, they do their job flawlessly, but they are simply too expensive to be something practical. I would highly suggest, if you’re dead-set on buying Tin Cloth pants and you’re willing to pay the price, get them. You’ll love them.

How do you take care of tin pants?

Do not wash or dry clean – brush or wipe clean with a damp rag. Rewax as needed to maintain maximum water resistance. To prevent the transfer of oils, we recommend avoiding prolonged contact between Filson oil finish goods and light-colored fabrics, especially in warm weather.

Are tin pants waterproof?

If you’ve never heard of tin pants, they are a type of work trouser made from a heavy-duty tightly-woven cotton cloth that is then treated with a oil/wax formulation. The result is a pant that is waterproof, abrasion and fire resistant. The pants were developed for the logging industry in the years around 1900.

Do Filson pants run big?

Filson fits true to size but it sounds like you might be in between. Think of Seattle fit as “skinny jeans” and the Alaskan fit is best for layering. I have a Filson close by which is nice, but can get expensive. If you can make the trip to try it on that’s what I would recommend.

Where are Filson pants made?

BUILT TO LAST Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, and renowned for making products from fabrics such as heavyweight Tin Cloth and warm Mackinaw Wool, our company stands for the highest quality and most durable apparel and accessories available.

Is Filson Tin Cloth waterproof?

Filson’s Tin Cloth earned the name decades ago when tin was standard for toughness. It was called “tin cloth” because garments made from it are as waterproof and wear resistant as if they were made of tin. In the Northwest it has long been recognized as setting the standard for protection and wear resistance.

What is Filson wax made of?

paraffin wax
It has a proprietary blend of paraffin wax and softening oils that are an exact match for the original factory-applied waxed finish. Do not be tempted to use beeswax or other waxes, as they will not blend with the existing wax in the fabric, and do not create the surface tension required to maximize water resistance.

How do you soften Filson Tin Cloth?

The tin cloth is wax impregnated cotton, so one way to soften it would be to simulate wear by putting it and a few towels in the dryer, putting heat as low as possible and tumbling it for an hour or so.

Do Filson pants shrink?

if your’re going to wear the hell out of them and get them wet they WILL shrink, especially in the length.

Does Filson Tin Cloth shrink?

Shrinking can occur with Filson Tin cloth, generally shrinkage is minimal with Tin Cloth and it does not cause any fit problem. Filson does not recommend sizing up to account for shrinkage, go with your normal size. Filson’s Oil Tin Cloth can feel stiff the first time you wear it.