Does PNC accept Apple Pay?

Does PNC accept Apple Pay?

Does PNC support Apple Pay? Yes. PNC customers can now add PNC Visa consumer and small business debit and credit cards and SmartAccess cards to Apple Pay.

How do I set up Apple Pay with PNC?

Once verified with PNC, your commercial card will be ready to use for Apple Pay on your eligible device. To add your first commercial card to Apple Pay on the Apple Watch, you will open the Apple Watch App on your paired iPhone and select the “Wallet & Apple Pay” option.

How do I use Apple Pay at PNC ATM?

Enter the 8-digit access code that is provided within the PNC Mobile app and tap “Continue.” Enter your 4-digit card PIN associated with the card you selected in the mobile app. Perform your ATM transaction.

Does PNC have a digital wallet?

Whether you’re a consumer or small business owner, digital wallets provide ease and convenience when making payments. Add your eligible PNC Visa® card to a digital wallet to shop in-store, in-app or online with your mobile or wearable device.

Does PNC have quick pay?

From the PNC Mobile App, you can scan a Zelle® QR Code, easily find a friend, family member, or eligible business—and quickly send them money. A quick and contactless way to receive money without sharing your U.S. mobile phone number or email address. Make requesting money easy—just share your Zelle® QR Code.

Why is my card not eligible for Apple Pay?

Apple does not approve or decline cards for use with Apple Pay. If your card has been declined, contact your bank or card issuer. If you need help adding a card, find out how to set up Apple Pay.

Is PNC Virtual Wallet free?

Virtual Wallet with Performance Select $0 monthly service charge when you meet any ONE of the following requirements: $5,000+ monthly direct deposit to the Spend account. OR, $5,000+ monthly balance in Spend + Reserve. OR, $25,000 in all PNC consumer and/or investments accounts.