How do you get advanced class in SWTOR?

How do you get advanced class in SWTOR?

You MUST pick up the Advance Trainer quest to be able to pick an Advanced Class. If you have already left the Fleet, head back there and pick up the quest so you can pick your AC. After choosing your AC, be sure to visit your trainer as he/she will have AC abilities to teach you.

What is advanced class SWTOR?

Advanced classes are specialized careers that characters can choose in Star Wars: The Old Republic. As a character becomes more seasoned through adventure, they will be given the opportunity to undertake one of two advanced classes. This decision is equally as important as creating a character.

Can you change advanced class SWTOR?

each AC is it’s own class. You should NEVER be allowed to change a class after creation. Also it’s so easy to level now, if you want to change what your playing making another character and getting it to max level takes about 2-3 days anyway.

What is a Jedi Consular?

A Jedi Consular was the title of one of three distinct schools of thought which a member of the Jedi Order could decide to study under following their ascension to the rank of Jedi Knight, the other two being Jedi Guardian and Jedi Sentinel.

Can you switch from marauder to juggernaut?

Can I change my marauder into a juggernaut? Nope. On a positive note: It’s super bonus XP week so you can start a new warrior and level him to catch up to where you are now.

Can you respec Swtor?

You can respec your skill tree if that is what you are refering to. First time you do it its free. It keeps going up in price if you keep doing it. For a sith you can respec with vendor in top right corner in Imperial fleet.

What class should you start off with in SWTOR?

Jedi Knight Class Story

  • Jedi Consular Class Story
  • Sith Warrior Class Story
  • Jedi Consular Story (minor)
  • Taral V Flashpoint (Republic)
  • Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint (Republic)
  • Boarding Party Flashpoint (Imperial)
  • The Foundry Flashpoint (Imperial)
  • Shadow of Revan Expansion
  • Ziost Planetary Storyline
  • Can you change your advanced class in SWTOR?

    you cannot change classes or factions. At around level 10 when you leave the starting planet and go to the fleet, you will see a person who gives you a quest for your advanced class. THIS IS A PERMANENT CHOICE!

    What is the best AOE class in SWTOR?

    sorc imo has the best aoe, and survivability isn’t an issue with current heal companion power. Sniper an GS are a good choice as well. for speed melee might be a bit slower with packs that have lots of ranged.

    What is the best Jedi class in SWTOR?

    Jedi Knights have strong defensive and offensive melee skills. Best Advanced Class (For Soloing): Sentinels have higher DPS and uses two lightsabers, while Guardians can use heavy armor and have better defensive skills. So Guardians tend to have higher survivability. Good defensive cooldowns and skills.