Is Big O notation the worst case?

Is Big O notation the worst case?

Big-O, commonly written as O, is an Asymptotic Notation for the worst case, or ceiling of growth for a given function. It provides us with an asymptotic upper bound for the growth rate of the runtime of an algorithm.

What is scenario analysis example?

Scenario analysis is a strategic process of analyzing decisions by considering alternative possible outcomes (sometimes called “alternative worlds”). For example, a firm might use scenario analysis to determine the net present value (NPV) of a potential investment under high and low inflation scenarios.

Where do we use what if?

We use what if at the beginning of a question when we are asking about the consequences of an action, particularly one that is undesirable. We refer in this way to present or future circumstances: What if I am made redundant and have no work? What shall we do then?

Which time complexity is best?

Sorting algorithms

Algorithm Data structure Time complexity:Best
Merge sort Array O(n log(n))
Heap sort Array O(n log(n))
Smooth sort Array O(n)
Bubble sort Array O(n)

What’s between best and worst-case scenario?

The best-case scenario considers what will happen if everything goes the organization’s way, while the worst-case scenario considers the negative impact of factors that depreciate returns, such as an economic recession, higher interest rates, global disruption and poor sales.

What’s the meaning of flunk?

to get a failing grade or result

What is the purpose of what if scenario?

What-If Analysis is the process of changing the values in cells to see how those changes will affect the outcome of formulas on the worksheet. Three kinds of What-If Analysis tools come with Excel: Scenarios, Goal Seek, and Data Tables. Scenarios and Data tables take sets of input values and determine possible results.

How do you write a case scenario?

From these steps you will create the content of your case study.

  1. Describe the situation/problem. The reader needs to have a clear understanding of the situation for which a solution is sought.
  2. Give background.
  3. Describe the solution.
  4. Evaluate the response to the solution.
  5. Tell the whole story.

Is it worse case scenario?

The proper english indicates it should read “Worst-case scenario”. However the vocal sound is “Worse-case scenario”.

How do you do scenario analysis?

To use Scenario Analysis, follow these five steps:

  1. Define the Issue. First, decide what you want to achieve, or define the decision that you need to make.
  2. Gather Data. Next, identify the key factors, trends and uncertainties that may affect the plan.
  3. Separate Certainties From Uncertainties.
  4. Develop Scenarios.

How do you define worst case scenario?

The worst-case scenario is the worst possible thing that could happen in a particular situation. The worst-case scenario is an aircraft will crash if a bird destroys an engine. Even in a worst-case situation the United States would have been able to retaliate.

What makes a good scenario?

Good scenarios are rooted in the past and in the present. They provide an interpretation of past and present events projected into the future. Scenarios help chart the waters ahead so that the consequences of today’s decisions can be played out, evaluated and tested against the uncertainty of the future.

What is if expression?

Today’s grammatical expression is “what if” and it can be used in three ways. The first way is when we are worried about something and we want to talk about the thing we are worried about. For example: I’m really worried about my new job.

How do you plan a scenario?

Next I describe the process for developing scenarios.

  1. Define the Scope.
  2. Identify the Major Stakeholders.
  3. Identify Basic Trends.
  4. Identify Key Uncertainties.
  5. Construct Initial Scenario Themes.
  6. Check for Consistency and Plausibility.
  7. Develop Learning Scenarios.
  8. Identify Research Needs.

What is the meaning of if?

what could happen

Is so-so correct?

Yes, people do say so-so, and they write it as well. You can find plenty of examples in the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA), like this: Bottom line: A governor with a so-so staff and so-so appointees will have a so-so governorship.

What does So what mean in an essay?

so what question is powerful