Is Storage Hunters UK real or staged?

Is Storage Hunters UK real or staged?

A&E screencap “Storage Wars” fans, get ready for a dose of reality. According to star David Hester, A&E’s top-rated program is a fake. If you’ve never seen an episode of the series, the show follows a group of professional buyers who bid on unpaid storage units to, hopefully, find something worth selling for a profit.

Are they still making storage hunters UK?

The mega popular US series is back for a new, fifth run of UK episodes with original Storage Hunters auctioneer Sean Kelly once again on the road to try and keep another batch of ruthless British bargain hunters in line.

How do you get on storage hunters UK?

Contact the Casting Team at [email protected] with:

  1. Name.
  2. Age Photo.
  3. Location.
  4. Contact Number.
  5. Short Video Message explaining why you have what it takes.

What happened to storage hunters UK?

Despite it being a ratings success in the US, Storage Hunters was cancelled in 2013. But after the British version became a hit, Lori and I made London our home. However, there were more health problems to come.

What happened to Brandon and Lori from Storage Hunters?

Brandon and Lori Bernier are currently based in the Santa Clarita Valley region of California, but travel all over the United States in search of storage auctions, as the subjects of the reality show, “Storage Hunters”.

Do people on Storage Hunters get paid?

For anyone wondering whether the Storage Wars actors get paid for appearing on the show, the answer is yes! The Storage Wars cast makes a huge fortune on the show which sees them bid for storage spaces up for auction.

Do Storage Hunters make money?

The US show’s most valuable finds include a unit filled with original paintings worth $300,000 (£215,000) – won by a $3,600 (£2,500) bid. In another episode, a lucky buyer spent $1,000 (£700) to snap up a locker filled with genuine 16th century pirate treasure worth $500,000 (£360,000).

Is Colin Newell dead?

November 2020Colin Newell / Date of death

How much is Brandon and Lori worth?

Brandon and Lori Bernier net worth: Brandon and Lori Bernier are storage auction entrepreneurs who have a net worth of $1 million dollars.

How much is Brandon on Storage Wars worth?

Brandon Sheets net worth: Brandon Sheets is an American professional buyer and reality television personality who has a net worth of $400 thousand dollars.