What industry award is for retail employees?

What industry award is for retail employees?

The General Retail Industry Award 2020
Coverage. The General Retail Industry Award 2020 covers employers and employees working in the “general retail industry”. This is defined as the sale or hire of goods or services to final customers for personal, household or business consumption.

What is the retail award?

The Retail Award covers employers in the general retail industry and their employees who fit within the classifications of the award. stores selling: furniture and household appliances. recreational goods.

What is a WA award?

WA awards are legal documents that outline legal pay rates, allowances, working hours, and leave entitlements for employees in a particular industry or type of work.

What is the minimum wage in WA?

Age Full time weekly rate (38 hours) Hourly rate
Adult (21 years or older) $779.00 $20.50
20 years $701.10 $18.45
19 years $623.20 $16.40
18 years $545.30 $14.35

How much does a retail worker make Australia?

How much does a Retail make in Australia? The average retail salary in Australia is $65,000 per year or $33.33 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $54,347 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $131,389 per year.

How much should a 20 year old get paid?

Age 18-20 – £6.83 an hour. Age 21-22 – £9.18 an hour.

What award does an administrative assistant come under?

the Clerks Award
Examples of employees covered by the Clerks Award include: administrative assistants. receptionists (eg. in a tax accounting firm)

What is a good hourly rate?

Median hourly earnings for full-time employees in the United Kingdom in 2021, by region (in GBP)

Characteristic Hourly pay in GBP
London 20.39
South East 16.33
Scotland 15.99
UK average 15.59

What award does Coles come under?

Due to the end of the Coles Enterprise Award and the Fair Work Commission decision on the 2014 Coles Agreement, the proposed Agreement is based on a framework consistent with the General Retail Industry Award.

Where can I find the WA shop and warehouse Award?

Contact Wageline or view the full Shop and Warehouse (Wholesale and Retail Establishments) Award on the WA Industrial Relations Commission website www.wairc.wa.gov.au for details. Employment records can be written or electronic as long as they are in a form that can be printed.

What is the WA Award summary for businesses?

This WA award summary applies to businesses in the state industrial relations system. It covers businesses which operate as: sole traders (e.g. Jane Smith trading as Jane’s Fashion Store) unincorporated partnerships (e.g. Jane and Bob Smith trading as Jane’s Fashion Store)

What Awards does a machinist get in WA?

A machinist in metal fabrication is likely to be covered by the Metal Trades (General) Award. There are several WA awards covering the work of a maitre’d. The award that applies will depend on the type of business: A manicurist or nail technician working in a nail salon is likely to be award free.

Is a shop assistant/storeperson covered by the shop and warehouse?

A shop assistant / storeperson may be covered by the Shop and Warehouse (Wholesale and Retail Establishments) Award.* Note: Coverage under this award will depend on the type of goods being sold. * Please contact Wageline to clarify if this award applies to your particular circumstances.