What is Precis Petite?

What is Precis Petite?

Precis Petite creates feminine, couture-inspired dresses and separates for all occasions that are chic, modern, unique and perfectly proportioned.

Does Precis clothing still exist?

If you liked this brand before, you’ll love it now and there are several compelling reasons to revisit Precis. The first is that the brand has returned to its roots and reverted to calling itself Precis Petite, after being all minimalist, dropping the ‘Petite’ and being known just as Precis for a while…

Is precis a petite brand?

Precis offers petite fashion in size 6 through to 18 at http://www.precis.co.uk.

Who owns Precis Petite?

Calvetron Brands Limited
Calvetron Brands Limited (formerly Jacques Vert Group and Style Group Brands) is a British fashion house and womenswear concession retailer. Calvetron Brands is in over 470 outlets in the UK, Europe and Canada and has seven brands: Jacques Vert, Windsmoor, Precis, Kaliko, Planet, Eastex and Dash.

Does Jacques Vert still exist?

Jacques Vert merged with the Irisa group to become the Jacques Vert Group Ltd in 2012 and in June 2016 the company changed its name to Style Group Brands Limited (“SGBL”). In June 2017 SGBL went into administration and was sold on to Calvetron Brands.

Are Eastex still trading?

Calvetron Brands is closing its Dash and Eastex labels at the end of August, after it went into administration last month.

Who owns Country Casuals?

the Day family
Now owned and run by the Day family, the brand continues to prosper as an independent privately owned Scottish group with more than 380 stores across the UK.

What clothing make is CC?

CC Collection is a collection of chic, modern on trendy clothing for today’s woman. Gorgeous flattering sillouettes with stunning feminine prints and feel good fabrics. Fully co ordinated outfits on offer.

Is Jacques Vert still in Debenhams?

Calverton Brands, who operate Jacques Vert via mini outlets within larger department outlets like Debenhams and House of Fraser, are the latest retailer to be hit by the high street crisis.

Is Jacques Vert a designer?

The Style Group Brands are Jacques Vert, Precis, Windsmoor, Eastex, and Dash. We are passionate about confidently dressing women in high-quality pieces that are stylish, sophisticated and proudly designed in London.

Is Jacques Vert still trading?

Today it has been reported that the administrators failed to find a feasible buyer, meaning all remaining concessions are now to close and the business, started in 1972 by Jack Cynamon and Alan Green, will no longer exist.