What is the first Kiss album?

What is the first Kiss album?

Kiss (Remastered Version)Kiss / First album

What was Kiss’s biggest hit song?

Sung by their original drummer, Peter Criss, KISS’ signature ballad, “Beth,” is still the band’s highest-charting US single (it peaked at No.

Which Kiss album sold the most?

The Destroyer album also became the band’s biggest selling Kiss album of their career. It has since sold 2 million copies which is pretty impressive since it failed to break into the Billboard top 200 albums charts top 10 list just missing a number 11.

What was Kiss first big hit?

The first time Kiss hit the top 10 The first time they hit the top 10 was in the late 1970s. It was with a double A-side single which included their hits “Beth” and “Detroit Rock City.” “Beth” is an uncharacteristic Kiss song. It’s a sensitive soft rock ballad about a fractured relationship.

Who did Kiss tour with in 1974?

Tour dates

Date City Support Act(s)
April 7, 1974 Detroit, Michigan Aerosmith Mojo Boogie Band Michael Fennelly
April 8, 1974 Dekalb, Illinois Conqueror Worm
April 12, 1974 Detroit, Michigan Blue Öyster Cult Suzi Quatro
April 13, 1974

What did kiss stand for?

The band’s name has repeatedly been the subject of rumors pertaining to alleged hidden meanings. Among these rumors are theories that the name is an acronym for “Knights in Satan’s Service”, “Kinder SS”, or “Kids in Satan’s Service”. Simmons has denied all of these claims.

What songs is Kiss known for?

Best KISS Songs

  • Heaven’s On Fire. Released in 1984.
  • Detroit Rock City. Released in 1976.
  • Beth. Released in 1976.
  • Forever. Released in 1990.
  • Lick It Up. Released in 1983. On Album KISS.
  • Calling Dr. Love. Released in 1977.
  • Shout It Out Loud. Released in 1976. On Album Destroyer.
  • Love Gun. Released in 1997. On Album KISS.

Who opened for Kiss in 1973?

Tour dates

Date City Support Act(s)
August 10, 1973 New York City Street Punk‡ Luger‡
August 17, 1973 2 sets Amityville N/A
August 18, 1973 2 sets
August 24, 1973 2 sets